MaxMini’s Andromech Goes Goth on Their Webstore

July 20, 2014 by dracs

MaxMini have released their "wacky robot" onto their webstore, revealing its true name to be the Andromech Gothbot Pattern.

Andromech Gothbot

They may call it a Gothbot, but I don't think it's wearing enough eye liner and black clothing for that.

Despite this, I rather like this model. It is a very simplistic robot sculpt, lacking all the various bits and pieces we often see in these minis. As such, I think it is well suited for steampunk settings, and other such environments where you can imagine gothic robots stomping over the enemy. Though to avoid it I think all you'll need to do is step to its side as I don't think it could hold its arm out.

What uses and games do you think MaxMini's robot would be good in?

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