Megacon Games Makes Available Their 4th Quarter Updates

December 22, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Megacon Games the minds behind games such as Myth, Emergence Event and MERCS has released their 4th quarter updates in one convenient package.

In this download, you get the kid friendly rules for their new card game Dumpster Diver, the solo gameplay rules for Emergence Event (always convenient when you want to get a game in and no one to play with) and lastly a new adventure module for Myth, Stone of Life.

It is always nice to see a company continuously supporting their games. We sometimes face the reality and fear that a game company puts a game up on Kickstarter and then after it is published and sent out that there is nothing further for that game.

I like that Megacon Games continuously looks to improve the gameplay experience for their players. This keeps them engaged in their games and are more likely able to support them down the line.

Have you played any of these games lately?

"It is always nice to see a company continuously supporting their games."

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