Lock & Load For MERCS: Recon Coming Soon!

March 10, 2014 by brennon

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MERCS has been a firm favourite for us here at Beasts of War and we had loads of fun doing the demo games and such back during MERCS Week. So, when we heard about MERCS: Recon we had to know more and we can't wait to see this Kickstarter kick off!

Recon Boxes

The game is a fully co-operative experience where you play as a team looking to break in and infiltrate an opposing MegaCon Headquarters. You'll be fighting down tight corridors, holding important locations, taking out targets and even interrogating employees as you fight against an increasingly aggressive in-built game AI.

Test Game #1

Game Tiles

Test Game #2

Just like with Myth the game takes place on a series of modular boards that are double-sided giving you plenty to work with as you change up the office layout between games. Each set-up will provide you with new challenges by creating choke points and lanes of fire as well as deadly ambush opportunities for your enemy no doubt!

Excitingly the board can also take damage as you fight your way through the building. Tiles can be damaged and this alters the environment, maybe opening up a new approach you weren't thinking of. This in turn develops and sees the Security Forces themselves getting better equipped and more aggressive popping up all over the place. It sounds like the neat escalation mechanic that some might have seen in video games like Payday: The Heist.

CCC Leader Player BoardAt the centre of it all we have the leader board which allows you to control your troops and get them where they need to be. Your team will find all it's action points, commands and weaponry on show here allowing you to tactically develop strategies as you fight. It also looks awesome too as you can see and a development of the Myth boards.


Movement & Event Cards

Some of the awesome cards above are part of the game and develop the inbuilt AI as it looks to take down the breaching MERCS. I love the look of the Security Forces above with the typical ace artwork we've come to expect from the MERCS team. It all sounds and looks very frantic and fun.

Breach & Clear Tile

Finally once your MERCS make it all the way to the end they find themselves facing a Breach & Clear style action which seems like it's the typical 'flash bang through the door' style affair that always went into slow-motion with games like Call of Duty. I can see these being tense and massively cinematic as you close in on your prize.

The upcoming miniatures for the game are going to be dynamic and highly detailed and of course will cross over and work with the existing ranges for the tabletop game. As well as that the game is launching on Kickstarter THIS WEEK and will have game rules and video available to all on day one to get you excited for the game.

Will you sign up for MERCS: Recon?

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