More MERCS Intel for the Lightning Obsessed ISS!

June 28, 2012 by brennon

There were a few concepts and a fuzzy render not long ago but now we have stepped into seeing some proper detailed concept art for the forces that will be appearing in the MERCS Starter Set for ISS...

There you go folks. That's potentially the line up for your 6 man starter kit for the ISS with what could be some very interesting sculpts and of course those awesome lightning weapons. I'm liking the almost alien look to this faction as it sets them apart from the current sets.

MERCS ISS Faction -  leader

MERCS ISS Faction - Booster

MERCS ISS Faction - Wavefinder

MERCS ISS Faction -  heavy

MERCS ISS Faction - Sniper

MERCS ISS Faction -  calypso

And here are a pair of renders for the armour sets. The male one is a lot bulkier whereas the female one seems a lot more form fitting. There has already been a bit of a discussion about this difference in armour style but I don't think there's much to worry about in that regard.

MERCS ISS Faction -  Male Armour Render

MERCS ISS Faction -  Female Armour Render

Will this be your new faction?

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