Meridian Miniatures Prepare For A Steampunk Kickstarter

May 30, 2013 by brennon

We've shown off some images of the Meridian Miniatures before at very early stages of production. Well now they have some great looking painted figures showing them off to their fullest in preparation for a Kickstarter that should be starting soon...

Dirigible Pilot

Prussian Rifle Squad

Nordsea Infiltrator

British Rifle Squad

Icelandic Assault Troop

As you can see they have put the various components together in a variety of different ways to produce some interesting and original looking soldiers from either the Steampunk era or from a Dystopian future.

They would be perfect for both taking on Aliens and trundling Steampunk golems! One of my favourites is the Dirigible Pilot with his swaggering look and epic helmet.

Do you think you'll back them come Kickstarter time?

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