Meridian Miniatures’ Steampunk Army Hits Kickstarter

May 31, 2013 by brennon

Yesterday we talked about Meridian Miniatures heading to Kickstarter soon and as luck would have it the campaign went up last night! Check out some of the images from it below...

British Soldiers

Officer Set 1

Special Weapons 2

Prussian Soldiers

Some awesome looking soldiers for an awesome sounding campaign. Meridian Miniatures are looking to produce figures for an upcoming ''Steam & Aether'' wargame and this is a nice start.

With the Kickstarter as it stands you'll be able to grab a squad of soldiers as well as some specialists. I really love the Officers that you can see above.

It's genuinely a good thing to see smaller companies still using Kickstarter and being successful in their endeavors. They have already closed on the £2,000 mark and it's climbing steadily.

Will you be pledging?

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