Painted Tooth & Sword Heroes & A Mighty Fine Hippogryph!

July 1, 2014 by brennon

Meridian Miniatures' Tooth & Sword Kickstarter is winding down now and it's passed it's funding goal! With that they showed off a neat Hippogryph and some painted heroes!


First we're checking out the Hippogryph that looks utterly awesome! For some reason I want to see him take on the ponies from My Little Pony in a sort of chibi throw down. Regardless of that rather odd request I think this will paint up really well. Talking of painting things up see what you think of these heroes!

Tooth & Sword Painted Miniatures

Some very cool looking heroes and decidedly less creepy looking now someone has painted in their eyes! I think if you were running a dungeon crawler for younger gamers this could be an awesome way of getting them into it. The work has been done by a very talented artist called Roy "Duff" Duffy.

Will you join in during the last 24 hours?

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