“All Your Base Are Belong To Us” Says Micro Art Studios!

March 4, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios have some awesome bases and a neat piece of TauCeti terrain powering through for you to pick up soon. Let's start things off with a look at their 50mm bases for their various terrain types. Oh, and big kudos if you get the title reference!

Trash 50mm

Old Factory 50mm

Mystic 50mm

Above are their Trash, Old Factory and Mystic bases in 50mm that are absolutely chocked full of interesting pieces of design. In the Trash bases you have disgarded tools and bits of old machinery, perfect for a dystopian future where the world has fallen into decay and your troops are pushing through ruined cities.

The Old Factory is just as evocative and would be brilliant for use in something like Bolt Action for men in the midst of Stalingrad trying to retake the city. Maybe it's a more central French town where the Allies and Axis are fighting over the remains of a bombed out factory that still might hold key strategic importance.

Last but not least are the Mystic bases which while having that eldritch feel still give off a sense of a once lived in world with the disgarded toys scattered around the paving stones. Maybe the children still come to play there when rampaging fantastical creatures aren't abroad. I'd say that's perfect for a game like Bushido or even Malifaux.

Mosaic 120mm

Another big base is also on show; the Mosaic in 120mm. If you have a massive beast or warrior of renown that you think deserves a pedestal in the midst of something more classical and up market then you could use this base. There's no reason that it has to stay as a basic historical or fantasy base either. Use some neon style colours and you could make it into a sci-fi-scape aboard a magnificent cruiser. Maybe it's the floor of a hulking Battlefleet Gothic style ship for the Space Marines?

TauCeti Vents

The TauCeti range is not going to be left out either and they have got these awesome vent systems which provide the perfect amount of cover for games like Infinity and MERCS. You could even use them as some kind of objective with one team looking to shut them down so the reactors below the ground overheat and take out vital parts of the enemy base.

Over all that's some awesome stuff to get you thinking so check out the rest of the range on their store page!

Will you be picking up bases from Micro Arts?

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