New Bases & Star Wars Destiny Tokens From Micro Art Studios

February 1, 2017 by brennon

Micro Art Studio is getting ready to base your miniatures and bling up your games with some new releases from this month. Kicking things off we have the new bases for three of their different themes starting with their Corregidor Bases.

Corregidor Round Bases 25mm

They have provided different sizes ranging from the 25mm ones that you see above here to the 40mm and 5mm versions below.

Corregidor Round Bases 40mm

Corregidor Round Bases 55mm

The design gives you a nice industrial look which would fit into all manner of different tabletop landscapes. The additional extras on some of the bases help bring them to life and create the look of a living world your models are stepping through.

Additionally, you can also pick up a new Wasteland base measuring 120mm for those massive creatures stomping across the badlands...

B02844 Wasteland Bases, WRound 120mm

...and being Possessed is more your thing check out the new 50mm versions they have put together.

B04043 Possessed Bases, WRound 50mm (2)

With Tzeentch being a big thing right now in the world of Age Of Sigmar maybe these would work as nice bases for your larger characters. Check out the rest of the collection too for more gribbly madness.

Rectangular Base Sale

A sale is also on from Micro Art Studio on Rectangular Bases.

Rectangular Base Sale

Across the range, there is 20% off allowing you to snap up new bases for that next regiment you had planned in Kings of War.

Destiny Tokens!

I was most impressed however with these new Star Wars: Destiny Tokens which look amazing. It's hard to find a set where you like all of the components but these have hit the nail on the head.

Star Wars Destiny Tokens

The credits will stand out nicely and the shields have a nice simple design which works for villains and heroes. The wound markers also match the style of the ones from the box but with a bit more flair. Kudos to Micro Art Studio on these!

What do you think?

"The credits will stand out nicely and the shields have a nice simple design which works for villains and heroes..."

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