The Chaos Wastes Come to Life with Micro Art Studios

September 13, 2012 by brennon

Whether you like it or not the Chaos Wastes are taking over this year, and Micro Art Studio are helping along this conversion to the dark gods. Check out their 25mm and 40mm bases below...

25mm Chaos Waste Bases

40mm Chaos Waste Bases

Pretty perfect for using with your Dark Vengeance box set that arrived not long ago. A whole host of Chaos Marines mounted on these, with bubbling lava below would look suitably epic.

They could also be perfect for a hostile death world somewhere on the far reaches of space. Or maybe you're heading into the volcanic lands of some Earthbound country and need something for your tribal warriors to stand on?

Lots of uses, especially if you ignore the bubbling arrows!

What do you think of this selection?

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