Micro Art Studios Grab Attention With New Corner Holo-Ads

August 3, 2017 by thisisazrael

Micro Art Studio has released some snazzy new Holo-Ads to adorn the corners of your buildings.

District 5 Holo-Ad

The set is compatible with Micro Art Studio District 5 line of laser-cut buildings (Apartment 1, L-Apartment, Warehouse, Objective Room, Guard House, Garage).

Holo-Ads Small

You can pick these up in packs of eight in either small or large sizes.

Holo-Ads Large

The Holo-Ads combo together nicely to fill out corners without looking flat.

Holo-Ads Positioning

I think these are great to see on the battlefield for games like Infinity to help break up the terrain and lift the table.

What do you think of these Holo-Ads and what would you advertise on your table?

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