Furnish Your Wild West Exodus Boards Mid-November

November 4, 2013 by brennon

Wild West Exodus is fast becoming a favourite for us here at Beasts of War, especially with all this interesting background fiction also fleshing out the world at the same time. As well as the models and the literature there has to be some flashy terrain for it too right? Well that's where Micro Art Studios come in...



General Store

The houses and other buildings that you're seeing here are all a slightly larger scale than you might have seen from Micro Art Studios in the past, especially with their Infinity buildings. This is because the whole scale of Wild West Exodus is bigger coming in at 35mm, so it had to be!



Town Hall

As mentioned the terrain is suitable for Wild West Exodus but the scale isn't that off that they couldn't be used for games of Malifaux too. With all the new models coming out for the 2nd edition of the game from Wyrd it would be worth having some epic terrain to go along with it.

I'm a big fan of the buildings, all created using HDF and including some acrylic additions for the detail. I must say though that considering you'd think I'd go for the big buildings my favourites are actually the smaller cottages.

I think those cottages give a much more lived in feel to a board and could also be mixed and matched with a variety of other games too making them even more flexible.

As great as Malifaux and Wild West Exodus undoubtedly are I'd also really, really love to do a Firefly Role-Play using these buildings, 'Sci-Fi'd' up a little to give them a bit more of a space feel and then go crazy with some bandit action.

Blackwater Gulch even do a posse just like the Firefly crew! Some very epic looking buildings I think you'll agree and all out towards mid-November.

What do you think?

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