Micro Art Studio Hit The Highway With New Battle Bases

April 12, 2017 by brennon

Micro Art Studio has added a new range of round Highway Bases to their Battle Bases collection so you can now work on an entire collection all at once rather than having to wait for different sized bases to pop up.

B04821 Highway Bases, Round 25mm (5)

The collection contains round bases of all manner of different sizes packed with detail showing off a ruined and well-worn highway. They all work together, therefore to create a bit of a narrative on the tabletop which is neat. Here are a few more of the base sizes and designs on offer.

B04821 Highway, Bike 25x70mm

B04821 Highway, Round 32mm

As you can see they have also catered for larger bases models as well as vehicles like bikes. When it comes to road warriors it makes sense to have them set down on a Highway surely? We're thinking that you use this for a post-apocalyptic miniatures collection or maybe some survivors on the run during a zombie apocalypse.

B04826 Highway Bases, Ellipse 120mm (1)

This collection also grows into larger bases like this once above. While of course, this would be good for mounting a car or something like a big truck I could also see folks using this for the basis of a diorama. You could have a roadside showdown played out on that.

They also have lipped options for your bases too so if you prefer a different base design that is an option.

B04842 Highway Bases, WRound 40mm (2)

Make sure to dive in and check out the rest of their Highway collection as they should have a base that suits you.

Hanging Round Graveyards

Additionally, some new round base designs have been added to their Graveyard collection too if you prefer a more morbid setting.

B00821 Graveyard Bases, Round 25mm (5)

Whilst they might immediately look rather cluttered they have been designed so there is space for models to put their feet on the various pieces of masonry strewn around the battlefield.

B00823 Graveyard Bases, Round 60mm (1)

Much like with their Highway bases they have provided bases in a variety of different sizes so you can mount monsters, walkers, troops and characters on interesting looking bases which are all tied together by a theme. I can imagine a whole force looking rather epic on these, especially for Warmachine or Hordes.

Base Sale

Finally, there is still a sale on their Rectangular Bases so if you want to snap up some of them from their collection make sure to go hunting.


What do you think of this collection of new bases from Micro Art Studio?

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"They all work together, therefore to create a bit of a narrative on the tabletop which is neat..."

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