Micro Art Studio Drive Their Crovan SUV Into Infinity

November 6, 2014 by dracs

Micro Art Studio's have come out with something a little different for their next Infinity terrain piece; a Crovane SUV to get about those big city streets.

Crovane SUV

One of things I particularly like about the design style of Infinity is that it makes for a believable imagining of our future (for the most part). You can see the roots of our present day technologies in a lot of Infinity and Micro Art's SUV is perhaps the perfect example of this.

Crovane (Alt)

Crovane (Rear)

The cool thing about Micro Art releasing this model is it open interesting special rule options for their use in certain scenarios. Sure, they make very good cover, but I just love the idea of some crazed Nomad screaming out the window as he floors this thing towards a Pan Oceana crew.

What sort of gaming scenarios and rules would you come up with for including Micro Art's Crovane SUV into your games of Infinity?

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