Micro Art Studio Lend you some Great Wooden Cover

September 6, 2012 by brennon

When you're locked in a steampunk firefight then you will certainly need something to hide behind. So how about these new pieces from Micro Art Studio?

Micro Art Studio Crates & Barrels

This is the first collection which has a mass of barrels, crates and other accessories which are perfect for a range of different wargaming settings. But that isn't the only way you can grab these bits and pieces. There are also a selection of different barrel sets...

Small Wooden Barrels

Medium Wooden Barrels

Large Wooden Barrels

Some good looking and simple terrain that has a great impact on the gaming board. As you can see the scale is pretty well matched to these Wolsung miniatures so go ahead and grab some of those too while you're over at their webstore!

All of these terrain pieces can be grabbed here.

Are you in need of some clutter for your gaming board?

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