Micro Art Studios Make Your Bases Derelict

November 18, 2014 by dracs

Micro Art Studios have come out with a new selection of round wide lipped bases to set your miniatures in the derelict remains of a once technologically advanced setting.

Derelict Round Bases

Derelict Wide Lipped Round Base

Derelict Round Base

These bases are highly cinematic in design, with pieces strewn everywhere and rough, jagged surfaces going together to give the impression of a ruined cyber-punk environment. However, this again proves to be their undoing as there is too much going on with these bases, making them look impractical for basing models, which is a real shame as Micro Art make some of the most stylish looking terrain bases on the market.

Have you ever used Micro Art's bases? Did you find you had problems with them?

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