Micro Art Studios Take Infinity Down The Docks With New Cargo Containers

February 26, 2015 by brennon

Micro Art Studios are heading down the docks with their latest set of Designed For Infinity terrain. We see a lot of these out there in games but I think they could play a very awesome role in battles for Infinity, see what you think of these Shipping Containers...

Containers (Lined Up)

Containers (Stacked)

Containers (Staggered)

Now at first glance these would simply be good for use with providing line of sight blocking terrain. Plonk a few of these down and you've got ready made corridors of fire and plenty of ambush points. The way I'd take it however is to go down the modified terrain route and have these Containers being moved around the battlefield AS you're fighting.

There's no reason the workers and A.I at the docks would stop working while your teams fight it out is there? Have it so that occasionally throughout the game the containers would be picked up by huge cranes and moved to random places on the battlefield, miniatures and all.

Suddenly this makes the battlefield a lot more alive and you'd have to keep changing your tactics as the turns unfolded!

What do you think of the idea?

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