Micro Art Studios Lay The Way For Your Godslayer Halodynes

July 9, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios are continuing their work alongside Megalith Games and Godslayer with a selection of 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm bases for use with the Halodyne faction.

Halodynes 30mm

Halodynes 40mm

Halodynes 50mm

As you can see they have a nice level of detail to them down to the very, very small mosaic pieces that have been worked into the slabs of a crumbling city. I particularly like the discarded weapons and on the whole the nice selection of variety you get here. It means that if you buy more than one set people aren't going to immediate realise you have duplicates.

Some very nice bases and while they've been made with Godslayer in mind you could easily use these for something like Minotaurs for example in Warhammer 40,000! Maybe tidy up a few of the more archaic weapons and then add your own level of sci-fi to it to bring it in line with the grim dark of 40k.

What do you think?

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