Micro Art Studios Show Off More Infinity Bases & Terrain!

August 28, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios are back with some more bases designed for Infinity. See what you think of their 55mm Urban Bases and 55mm Urban 'Fight' Bases alongside some cool Infinity Terminals that would be awesome as objectives on the tabletop...

Urban Bases 55mm

Urban Fight Bases 55mm

Infinity Terminals

If you're looking for some urban combat then these could be a perfect fit. They would work really well with the recently released Operation: Icestorm box of course since that is set within an urban area with plenty of streets and such. Well played Micro Arts Studios!

The Terminals are also very cool of course and like I mentioned they would be great for objectives on the battlefield that need to be hacked or indeed secured against the enemy.

Arcane Base 120mm

Rounding things off (see what I did there?) we have the Arcane Base at 120mm that would be just right for a big Warjack in Warmachine or a Warbeast in Hordes. I could see something from the Retribution standing around on one of these with all those arcane sigils all over the floor.

What do you think?

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