Micro Art Unearth More Hive Terrain & Set Up Road Blocks!

September 11, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios have sent their scientists deep into the unexplored reaches of space and found a planet covered in more Hive terrain! See what you think of the Hive Crest and Hive Maw that will be infecting your battlefield. For Infinity you can also pick up some Road Barriers!

Hive Crest

Hive Maw

As you can see it's quite the deadly looking piece of kit and it's cool to have some more of this exotic fauna for you to play around with when constructing your board. I think it would be cool to make this look like it's some sleeping beast that winds around the table. Have the Crest be part of it's back poking out of the earth with the Maw its waiting open mouth capturing the unwary as they step inside. Cool for trapping big tanks as well as small infantry!

Road Blocks

On the smaller and more civilised side of things we have some cool Road Blocks that you can use to create some cover on open areas of the battlefield. Now you can do a bit of cover, move, and fire with your Infinity fire teams! I think these would be awesome for a game like MERCS too as you could easily see these set up in some corporate warzone.

Do you think you'll be using this on the tabletop?

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