Micro-Art Dive Into Swirling Spooky Chaos With New Bases

September 5, 2013 by brennon

Micro-Art Studios are pushing the bases offensive with two sets of Spooky Bases. They come in both 25x25 and 20x20 varieties and you can see what they look like below...

Micro-Art Studios Spooky Bases

As you can see the bases have some swirling chaotic mass to them and within them the faces of the dead, demons or whatever you want to be floating around in the ether!

These would work exceptionally well for a Warriors of Chaos or Chaos Daemons force for Warhammer Fantasy as you could base the likes of Flamers and such on these to make it look like the land is warping around them.

Maybe you could even use them with the recently released army book for the Basilean Legacy and make them the base of choice for the Forces of the Abyss?

I'd say we've got some pretty good bases going on here and while they might be simple I think a lick of paint really makes them pop.

Will you be heading into the maelstrom?

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