A Hive Tower Dominates The Alien Landscape Of Micro Arts

June 26, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios have some more awesome scenery for your tabletop and this time the focus is on something alien. See what you think of this massive Hive Tower (miniature not included) that would be awesome on a big alien board.

Hive Tower #1

Hive Tower #2

This has either burst from the ground as the appendage of some massive alien life-form or it's a living mass in itself. I think a board would look brilliant with a selection of lush alien forests, a small human settlement, and then these bursting out of the ground and into the air amongst the buildings. You could very easily use some of the  ruined Mantic Terrain and then these things reclaiming the land for the alien planet.

Do you think you'll pick this up and make an awesome alien board?

Drop a comment below!

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