Surround Your Infinity Buildings With Ace Micro Art Pavements

March 17, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios are building on their awesome collection of Infinity terrain with some Pavements to surround their buildings. Below you'll see the L-Apartment, Apartment and Guard House surrounds...

District 5 Pavements - L-Apartment

District 5 Pavements - Apartment

District 5 Pavements - Guard House

Buildings are not included of course but they are easily picked up to go with these ace looking bits of table terrain. It might not seem like much but the addition of things like this mean that the board itself comes to life and has a much more lived in feel.


Added to that the sets also come with a few bits and pieces for adding another bit of interactivity to proceedings. With these sets you get these benches which will be some fairly sought after cover.

What do you think chaps and chapettes?

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