Micro Art Show Off Terminus Segment Terrain Expansions, Pickle Vans & Sci-Fi Graffiti!

May 5, 2017 by brennon

Micro Art Studio has expanded upon their terrain range and more with a whole bunch of new releases for you to sink your teeth into. The first of these are some expansions to the collection of Terminus Segment Terrain with some new catwalks...

District 5 Catwalk

The first of these is the basic District 5 Catwalk that you can see here. It comes with a few different components that can be assembled in a variety of ways. You don't need to build it particularly in this way but it will allow you to start connecting buildings together.

This is then matched by the District 5 Catwalk Special Set which gives you a few more variations.

Disctrict 5 Catwalk (Special)

As you can see this drops in some twists and turns giving you more ways to tweak the set and offer up interesting firefight possibilities. All of this can then sit atop a Terminus Segment Mat which you can snap up.

Terminus Segment Mat

This is a finely detailed mat which is, in fact, modular, allowing you to assemble it in different ways to get the combination you desire. This also means that you can work on placing terrain in an interesting way, making sure it's evenly spaced out for a properly tactical game.

I really like the Terminus Segment designs and styles as they might work for building up a Mass Effect: Andromeda style tabletop. They would work as some of the Outposts and maybe even Kadara from the new game.

Basing Your Miniatures

When you get a nice detailed mat like this and some superb terrain you don't want to then base your models with grass do you? Well, that's where their collection of Terminus Segment Bases come in which range in scales up hrough 25mm, 40mm, 55mm, and 70mm.

Terminus Segment Bases #1

Each of the bases has been sculpted to match the style of the mat and it will allow you to base all of your regular troops and the larger TAGS you might have in an awesome scenario.

Terminus Segment Bases #2

I really like the style of these and they give you plenty of nice places to stand and pose your miniatures as well as space to expand on them if you wished. I reckon some more battle damage wouldn't go amiss.

Pickle Vans & Street Graffiti

Capping things off for the streets of Infinity we have these Pickle Vans which you see here. They are made out of both hardfoam and MDF...

Pickle Vans

...and would look great when used to clutter up the streets of your Infinity battlefield. I like these as they are taller than normal cars and would adequately hide a model when placed beside it. If you're into your street art and like the idea of personalising your terrain they also have Sci-Fi Graffiti Transfers.

Graffiti Transfers

There are six designs for you to choose from that could be plastered on the side of buildings or maybe on the street itself by some enterprising youngsters. It certainly adds to the anime feel of the game.

You will find instructions on how to use them on the link to their webstore.

What do you make of this new Infinity goodness?

"I really like the Terminus Segment designs and styles as they might work for building up a Mass Effect: Andromeda style tabletop..."

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