Walk Through Forests & Chaos Wastes with Micro Art’s New Bases

November 14, 2014 by dracs

Micro Art Studios have come out with some new bases for their Chaos Wastes and Forests base ranges.

Chaos Waste Base

Chaos Waste Bike Bases

Forest Round Bases

Forest Round Bevelled Bases

The Chaos Waste bases are, I think, some of Micro Art's best, creating a recognisable scenic design that still manages to be practical for miniature basing. The Forest bases on the other hand, while beautiful, cinematic terrain designs, look rather too cluttered to be good for miniature basing.

These new alternative options in the base ranges allow you greater freedom to use these base designs for whatever games or miniatures you have in mind.

Have you used Micro Art Studios bases before? What was your experience with them like?

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