Download Wolsung SSG Beta Profile Cards Today!

October 6, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Micro Art Studio's Wolsung SSG saw a very successful Kickstarter program and I know the guys love the game and their table was stunning. To add to the momentum of what is to be a truly awesome experience for backers and new players alike, Micro Art Studio has released the beta versions of their profile cards for each faction as a free download from their site.

Scylla card Julia Vendetta

Ash and Oak card Sir Henry Bucklepunch

I have to say the art work looks amazing, and the colours really pop. If you were thinking of getting into this game and want to give it a try, grab the rulebook and these beautiful faction cards and give it a try with some proxy miniatures and see what you think.

Inventors card Luigi Campari

VenRier card Adela ven Uss

Triad card Xenah Qiang

Are you game to try these latest profiles?

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