Microworld Games Add More 6mm Dwarves To Their Army

October 31, 2014 by brennon

Microworld Games have added more Dwarf units to their line-up and if anyone knows anything about me it's that I like the stunty folk. See what you think of their Crossbowmen, Fortress Golem and Veterans!

Dwarf Veterans

Dwarf Fortress Golem

Dwarf Crossbowmen

Very tiny but you can still identify them as Dwarves which is quite a feat! I don't imagine you'd have a clue though if they weren't painted. In terms of the best looking of the bunch that has to go to the Fortress Golem. I like that this magical construct even has a big pot belly much like one of it's flesh and blood counterparts. I imagine this is filled with fire and brimstone making it clank along.

Do you play Fantasy wargames in 6mm?

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