Hire Some Mercenaries From Militia Miniatures Soon!

August 20, 2014 by brennon

Militia Miniatures are a new company looking to take on Kickstarter soon with a range of mercenaries for tabletop gaming. See what you think of these modern military types that will be channeling the spirit of the Expendables and the A-Team on their various missions...



Coming Soon

Above are Granger, the leader of the outfit, and Strike who is the tech-guy in the team bringing them up into the 21st Century of warfare. It certainly sounds like we're going to get an interesting team and the sculpting isn't too bad at all. With these, Hasslefree and Spectre Miniatures doing loads of modern warfare troops it will be hard to resist heading to the tabletop for some skirmishes soon.

The other cool thing about Militia is that they're revealing the various miniatures through a series of stories so you can get that little bit more invested in the characters!

Will you be joining these mercenaries?

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