Militia Miniatures’ Mercenaries On Sale from Minibits!

December 4, 2014 by brennon

Militia Miniatures funded a range of 28mm modern warfare style mercenaries for the tabletop via Kickstarter and now they're finally available from Minibits if you want to head over and pick up these surly soldiers...

Militia Miniatures

There are ten miniatures to choose from alongside a few pieces of terrain as well if you want to add a bit of scatter to the tabletop. There seems to be a growing number of modern military miniatures out there with the likes of Spectre and Empress working on soldiers of the present day so these could fit in quite nicely with whatever you have planned wargame wise.



Here are two of them in more detail so you can have a look at the model quality. You might want to take these soldiers away from the real battlefield and plonk them into the likes of a zombie invasion potentially instead. I could see them fighting off the hordes.

What do you think?

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