Get Into The Headspace Of The Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter

November 18, 2015 by brennon

The Mindjammer RPG is back on Kickstarter looking for funding for a new sourcebook to be presented as both a PDF and in print next year. The City People aims to bring new adventures, guides, equipment and more to the Mindjammer universe.

Mindjammer Role-Playing Game

So what's the Mindjammer world all about?

"Mindjammer is an award-winning far future transhuman science-fiction roleplaying game and fiction line. First published in 2009, it's now in its second edition. It's a modern, 21st century take on space opera, with realistic yet hyper-advanced science, technology, worlds, star systems, and alien life based on our current scientific understanding and assumptions.

It's dedicated to making science-fiction roleplaying action-packed and fun, while staying true to the heart of great SF: the sense of wonder, the losing yourself in the awesomeness of great ideas."

The Core Book, which you can also get as part of this Kickstarter contains...

  • Character genotypes, cultures, and occupations.
  • Equipment and enhancements.
  • Rules for starships and megaconstructs, including stats and deckplans.
  • Rules for organisations and corporacies, including the instrumentalities of the New Commonality of Humankind.
  • Rules for cultures and culture conflict. Become a culture agent! Fight memetic combats to protect the Commonality from lethal memes!
  • Rules for star systems and planets, based on current planetary science and cosmology.
  • Rules for alien life, including truly alien exofauna, ecosystems, and exointelligences.
  • Guidelines for playing Mindjammer in many different SF genres, from exploration to military SF, tramp freighter to culture agent, political thriller to virtual realities.
  • A whole octant of Commonality Space, with starmaps, planetary maps, and descriptions.

...while the sourcebook they are trying to fund, The City People, includes the following.

  • Description of a complete alien world and star system, ripe for space exploration. Realistic science and action-packed adventure.
  • Details of the Space Force instrumentality, including branches, organisation, the Fringe World Pilot Programme, and the Event Horizon Probes.
  • Descriptions, deckplans, and artwork portraying the stage 2 explorer starship Magnanimous Intervention. Join its crew - or even play the ship as a character!
  • An exciting four episode multi-session exploration and mystery adventure. Push back the frontiers of human knowledge!

This sounds like a very interesting project and it has already received its funding goal so they can begin to look at stretch goals. You can also check out a preview of the Mindjammer RPG HERE.

Does this sound like the system for you?

"You can also check out a preview of the Mindjammer RPG!"

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