Mindwork Games Summon Forth Aeshm, Demon Of Wrath

March 24, 2016 by brennon

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As the first release in their Wargame Series Mindwork Games have added Aeshm, Demon of Wrath to their webstore. This would be a great creature to lead your demonic forces into battle. I could imagine him sitting at the head of an Abyssal army in Kings of War for one...

Aeshm, Demon of Wrath

You can see him here holding his axe over his shoulder and a flail with plenty of skulls attached to it for some added means to cause fear on the tabletop. Once again it's quite nice to see someone get wings right. While this is still a render I would hope the wings come out nicely in the final product.

Aeshm, Demon of Wrath (Rear)

The curled horns running back over his head are nicely done and I prefer that style of horns when it comes to demons. I always choose that if I'm going down the route of choosing horns on a character in a video game.

Hopefully we'll this painted up in the near future to get an idea of how it looks on the tabletop.

What do you think?

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