Mini Monsters Add Stacks Of Sacks To Your Tabletop

June 23, 2014 by brennon

It might not be the most exciting piece of terrain that you add to your tabletop but Mini Monsters have produced a set of Sacks that will give your historical or fantasy village a bit more of a lived in feeling. See what you think...


Sacks are indeed pretty much just sacks BUT as well as making that market stall area look a bit more packed with life an used on a regular basis you could also use these as objective markers. The sealed sacks would be perfect as objectives and then you use the open ones with vegetables inside to show false rolls when you go to see if it's the right one!

I think that would actually be an awesome scenario for a skirmish game, and there are plenty out there, so think of a system, grab some sacks and get searching for gold AND potatoes!

Would you grab these sacks?

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