Miniature13 Hit Kickstarter For Quick Sci-Fi Character Campaign!

February 14, 2015 by brennon

Miniature13 have popped up on Kickstarter for their short but very sweet Kickstarter campaign to unlock some heroes and villains for their Sci-Fi collection. The campaign has already beaten it's main target and is carrying on to more stretch goals!



You'll already have seen Rayne and the Overseer over on their Facebook page which previewed while a while ago. Still, even after seeing them a few times they are very impressive and the Overseer reminds me a lot of the Covenant from Halo with an added dinosaur edge.



Lucius & Adira


With those soldiers of the far future also come some really awesome looking characters at each stretch goal. I really like the look of Scarecrow as some kind of Sci-Fi 'Splinter Cell' and Tuesday since she comes on a rather awesome bike. I think it would be great to see what they do with vehicles.

Kickstarter Exclusive

As well as all that they've also included the rather awesome Kickstarter Exclusive above who does comical and deadly in the same sculpt. I love the no-nonsense look and then the little trolls (I remember those!) stuck on her shield and gun as well as the teddy bear! Can't say she doesn't have a heart!

What do you think?

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