Miniature13 Go Hunting With New Wild Cat Lucius

July 12, 2015 by brennon

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Miniature13 have been building on their Kickstarter success with a look at some of their new models. The first of these is the render for Lucius followed by the 3D printed components that make up their Eral Controller...

Sci-Fi Wild Cat

If you like the idea of playing a Sci-Fi hero but feel like the regular human just isn't cutting it I think a huge bipedal wild cat is probably the best way to go.


I think the armour looks awesome on Lucius and they've captured his facial features nicely too. For some reason I can't stop shaking the feeling that he'd be epic as a character in a high budget Sci-Fi film.

Controller Components

As well as the render there has been progress on the Eral Controller too. After heading off to the printers it is now back in it's component pieces.

Eral Controller (Components)

The components are looking clean and overall it's a very simple build to put together which is always nice. I think they've captured the folds in the cloth nicely and I'm glad it comes with a pair of alternative heads too. This also gives us a thumbs up as to the quality of the prints further down the line.

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"...I think a huge bipedal wild cat is probably the best way to go"

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