Early Concepts Of Goblin Archers Previewed By Minion Miniatures

January 9, 2018 by brennon

Minion Miniatures have returned from the Holiday break and shown off some early conceptual work for their Goblin Archers. Even at this stage, I think they're looking awesome!

Minion Miniatures Goblin Archer #1

There are going to be a few different options and accessories included with these Goblin Archers going forward to make them look distinct from each other. I really like this hooded version myself...

Minion Miniatures Goblin Archer #2

It's a nice alternative take on the look of a Goblin with a bit more of a fey approach to their appearance. They also look like they might actually be able to hold their own in a skirmish compared to normal Goblins!

There is another slightly more armoured version here too...

Minion Miniatures Goblin Archer #3

If you're looking for Goblins that could come together into a skirmishing warband then these would be pretty spot on when they get released.

I personally see these models are great fodder for someone wanting to expand upon a D&D monster collection with some individual looking Goblins. You can already pick up some of their Bugbears from their webstore too which fills another gap in the roster.

What do you think of the concept work so far?

"I really like this hooded version myself..."

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