The First Minion Miniatures Goblins Creep From Their Caves

July 7, 2014 by brennon

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Minion Miniatures have got back their first goblin sculpts and they are looking very cool indeed! It's a decidedly different take on the look you might have seen before but I think they are a nice alternative and perfect for using as role-playing fodder against your valiant adventurers!

Minion Miniatures Goblin

Goblin Size Comparison

As you can see when stood next to this standard reference Space Marine they are quite titchy, but they are goblins after all! I like the beaked and almost bird-like appearance of these goblins and it works into their pack mentality, almost like a flock of birds, swarming over something that's dared to enter their domain. The pose is neat too, leaping forward with cleaver outstretched.

Can't wait to see more goblins and their undead too!

What do you think of these different goblins?

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