Minion Miniatures Take On Goblins, Zombies & More!

May 30, 2014 by brennon

Minion Miniatures is a new company looking to bring a range of plastic and metal miniatures to the tabletop via Kickstarter later this year. The first set of creatures that have been detailed are the scampering Goblins...

Minion Miniatures Goblins

As you can see they have taken a rather interesting and unique slant on the Goblin form but it's no worse for it I say! There is going to be a massive range of these critters to pick up if their plans are anything to go by...

Goblin Shaman (Hard Plastic multi-part set)
Goblin Chieftain (Hard Plastic multi-part set)
Goblin Head Cleavers - Metal Boxed Set
Goblin Wolf Raiders - Metal Boxed Set
Goblin Under-King - Metal Boxed Set
Goblin Sneaks and Goblin Skulks
Hobgoblin Legionaries - Metal Boxed Set
Hobgoblin Deadeyes - Metal Boxed Set
Hobgoblin Hex Witch - Metal Boxed Set
Hobgoblin Warmaster - Metal Boxed Set
Hobgoblin Slaver - Metal Boxed Set
Hobgoblin Warbow - Metal Boxed Set
Bugbear Ironshield - Metal Boxed Set yes, plenty of Goblins!

As well as Goblins they are hoping to make Zombies and Lizardkin a reality when the fundraiser hits but the main focus appears to settle on the Goblinoids at the moment.

Will you be keeping an eye on this one?

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