Minion Miniatures Become Masters Of The Undead!

July 24, 2014 by brennon

Minion Miniatures have some more concept art for their undead horde coming to fundraising platforms later this year. It's time to delve into the Necromancers laboratory and see what he has been working on...

The Necromancer

Flesh Golem

Zombie Hulk

First up we have said flesh creations and the Necromancer himself at the very top. I love the look of the Flesh Golem and the way they're looking to make it look like everything is fused together. The way they've done that arm-within-arm thing is awesome and no doubt that blade he has has been driven into his very bones. The Zombie Hulk is also a massive creature and would be brilliant as a dungeon boss.

Bugbear Ironshield

In addition to the undead there is a lot more from the goblin range too. This Bugbear Ironshield is a great defender style creature and yet another brilliant addition to any dungeon crawling game you might be playing at the moment. With the new Dungeons & Dragons out and about it's the perfect time to beef up your collection.

Have you been keeping a close eye on this?

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