Minion Miniatures’ Undead Rise From Their Graves

June 18, 2014 by brennon

The first few dead are rising from their graves and soon Minion Miniatures will start the massive necromantic undertaking of bringing you a whole host of these shambling fiends. In the mean time see what you think of the concept work for their Gravewalkers and Flesh Golems...


Flesh Golem

The artwork for the game really is quite fantastic and the artist they have on board has done a great job of bringing a few different ideas of the zombie to un-life. I particularly like something they pointed out with the Gravewalker in that it has the sword nailed to its arm since it would keep dropping the damn thing otherwise!

The Flesh Golem is terrifying too and I love the look of abject horror on his face. I'd like to think (in some creepy way) that maybe part of his original consciousness remains and he's eternally tormented even though the demon inhabits its skin. I have always liked that idea of demons taking control of the undead and it was something Dragon Age did quite well.

Hopefully we'll see more art and maybe some miniatures in the near future!

What do you think?

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