Minion Take Their Zombies & Goblins To Kickstarter

September 17, 2014 by brennon

Minion Miniatures have headed to Kickstarter now with their Zombies and Goblins! There's around twenty five days left and their target is rather ambitious but the miniatures do look very nice indeed...

Goblin Kind

Bugbear Ironshield

Zombie Abominations

Flesh Golem

I'm a big fan of both their goblins and the zombies that they do and with the added large miniatures like the Bugbear Ironshield and Flesh Golem you have some tough guys too. All of these miniatures will be made in high quality plastic, resin and also white metal when needs be.

The aim of the Kickstarter is not only to show off these cool miniatures but also to get a game together that sees both of these forces facing off against each other underground. The game is called Underdeep and takes the form of a skirmish game.

Do you think you'll pledge?

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