Mithril Release Azog & Treebeard For Classic Middle-earth Collection

February 16, 2018 by brennon

Whilst the Middle-earth models from Mithril might not be up to scratch with a many of the modern ranges out there, they still have a distinct charm to them and that's demonstrated in the two models they released in January.

Azog Holding Head Of Thror - Mithril

Firstly we have Azog here holding the head of Thror. This mighty orc met his end when pursued by Thrain and was eventually killed by Dain at the gates of Moria. Still, he was a mighty figure and cruel warrior. With that in mind, it seems apt to maybe include him as part of your Goblin/Orc army using models from the likes of North Star and their Oathsworn range?

Whilst scaled to 32mm he does reach up to 47mm with his outstretched hand and the grisly trophy within. Still, situated amongst a larger force he deserves that extra heroic edge.

Don't Be Hasty

As well as Azog we have the rather merrier (and yet no less angry) Treebeard, shown here at Isengard looking to bring ruin to the wizard Saruman.

Treebeard At Isengard - Mithril

The model stands at 62mm so he is going to be quite the towering figure next to some of your other models. Considering it's rather hard to get yourself on a variety of treefolk in your games I think that models like this might be of use. The old school look works well with plenty of ranges out there right now and I reckon he'd look awesome with a lick of paint.

What do you think of the Mithril collection?

"As well as Azog we have the rather merrier (and yet no less angry) Treebeard..."

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