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Mitosis Gather A Horde Of Goblin Rat Riders On Kickstarter


Mitosis Miniatures are on Kickstarter now with their project which sees them producing a range of Goblin Rat Riders for use in your miniature wargames and more.

A New Rat Riding Goblin & More Details From Mitosis Miniatures


Mitosis Miniatures have gone into a little bit more detail about the various combinations and the production methods involved in creating their Goblyns which will soon be on Kickstarter.

Weekender: Printable Scenery Interview – The Future Of Terrain Building?


Mitosis Miniatures Preview Their Goblyn Rat Rider


Mitosis Miniatures have given us a look at one of their new miniatures which will herald a new Fantasy range. Here we have the Goblyn Rat Rider…