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MyMiniFactory Goes On An Adventure With Titan Forge and Free League


MyMiniFactory's monthly subscription service is getting an overhaul and relaunches to-day as The Adventure in collaboration with two of the best known names in the industry, Titan Forge and Free League Publishing to offer up not just an adventure but […]

Warp Miniatures’ Gnome Army Grows On Patreon!


Warp Miniatures are making people happy by expanding their Gnome Army from November with a bunch of additional miniatures. See what you make of the December haul which introduces a whole host of different creatures and contraptions.

Join The DragonStrike Community & Prepare For 2024


Fighting Hedgehog are expanding the community around their upcoming dragon-based board game, DragonStrike! If you're looking for a fun, dragon-battling game then you'll want to watch out for the Kickstarter coming next year.

Battle A Hagraven Coven In Modiphius’ The Elder Scrolls


Modiphius are taking pre-orders for a new set of 32mm miniatures for their skirmish Fantasy wargame, The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms. Face off against deadly Hagravens with this new coven of three miniatures.

Satanic Panic Flood Your Dungeons With New 28mm Bugbears!


Satanic Panic Miniatures have been showing off some more awesome 28mm old-school miniatures for use in your dungeon-delving adventures and skirmish games. This time, they're bringing a warband of Bugbears to the tabletop armed with an assortment of weapons. 

Let’s Play: Conquest – First Blood | City States Vs Spires


Gerry and Shay dive into a brutal 35mm Fantasy skirmish clash with Conquest: First Blood and two of our studio armies. In this First Blood battle, Shay's City States take on Gerry's Spires in a clash of arms.

Call Of Duty On The Tabletop! Spectre’s New Edition No-Scopes Modern Warfare #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! Fed up of being taken out by try hards on Call Of Duty? Have a look at the awesome new modern warfare era 28mm miniatures from Spectre Operations which could totally get more video gamers stuck into some tabletop wargames.

Unboxing: Khymaera Shadowflame Shard – Warmachine | Privateer Press


Gerry dives into an unboxing of the awesome Khymaera Shadowflame Shard that was recently added to the new edition of 35mm Fantasy wargame, Warmachine. See what you make of these awesome new miniatures from Privateer Press.

Khurasan Unleash The Neptonians On Hydra’s Retro Raygun World!


Khurasan Miniatures have released a new set of Pulp Sci-Fi miniatures that you could use in all manner of different games but especially Hydra Miniatures; Retro Raygun! See what you make of the dastardly Neptonians! 

Warp Miniatures Preview A Larger Gnome Army Incoming!


Warp Miniatures have been previewing an expansion to their glorious Fantasy Gnome Army that was released on Patreon for the month of November. December looks like it's going to focus on part two of this epic (and tiny!) project with some more miniatures for this force.

Play Co-Op Sci-Fi Missions With Lorecaster’s Broken Star: Kandar


Lorecaster Studios is a new duo who have taken to Kickstarter with the aim of bringing their new 28mm cooperative Sci-Fi wargame to the tabletop. Broken Star: Kandar is currently a rather nice range of STL miniatures plus you'll get access to the rules as they're developed by the team. 

War Of The Worlds Wargaming? All Quiet On The Martian Front Returns! | Designer Interview


Gerry sat down with one of the Abby Normal Media team behind Return Of The Tripods: All Quiet On The Martian Front. A new edition and a new breath of fresh air for this awesome 15mm Sci-Fi wargame inspired by the War Of The Worlds and alien invasions from Mars!

Satyr Art’s New Oldhammer Demon & Sneaky Goblins!


Another badass limited-run Oldhammer Demon has been added to the Satyr Art Studio webstore and it's looking angry! This 28mm Fantasy miniature is another big chunk of metal and, as of the time of writing, there are only fifty-six of them left!

A Monstrous Ghoul King Comes To Warhammer Age Of Sigmar!


The blood-maddened forces of the Flesh-Eater Courts are getting some brand new miniatures from Games Workshop soon for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. Leading the way is their most noble lord, the mighty and certainly not crazy Ushoran, Mortarch Of Delusion.

A Bone Dragon Is Summoned For Warhammer: The Old World


Games Workshop dropped another preview for Warhammer: The Old World over the weekend. This time, fortune favours the Tomb Kings Of Khemri as we got a look at a new plastic kit that will be leading the way for large armies. See what you think of the deadly Necrolith Bone Dragon. 

A 2000 AD World You Might Have Missed! ABC Warriors Gets New Tabletop Miniatures Game! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this episode, we're diving into the awesomeness that is the new ABC Warriors miniatures range from Warlord Games for their newest entry in the 2000 AD collection.

Para Bellum’s Werewargs Hunt On Conquest’s Battlefields


Para Bellum Games' Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and by extension, their skirmish game, First Blood, are getting some awesome new 35mm miniatures. This time around, the focus seems to be on the Nords and the Dweghom who are getting Werewargs and monstrous Drakes!

Stunning Sci-Fi Miniatures From Strange Plastic’s Project: Blackstar


Strange Plastic is a new group on Kickstarter looking to bring some stunning new 32mm Sci-Fi miniatures to the tabletop for use in your wargames and other tabletop adventures. Project: Blackstar is shaping up to be a fascinating project featuring both digital miniatures and physical ones too.

Snap Up Battlebox Starter Sets For Privateer’s Warmachine


Privateer Press has now made a series Of Battlebox Starter options available for those wanting to dive into the new edition of Warmachine. This means that if any of the new 35mm miniatures for Warmachine have caught your eye, you've not got a good way to dive in and get started with just a handful of miniatures.

Get Your Hands On New Beestwars Miniatures From Gary Hunt!


Gary Hunt Miniatures is back on Kickstarter with a new campaign looking to bring a whole host of new miniatures to their Beestwars range. The new range of 32mm scale miniatures adds Barbarians, Dwarves (with added tusks!) and more into the mix. 

MiniWarGaming’s Epic Sci-Fi Passion Project; Dave Shows The Love Behind Ravaged Star! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! In this episode, we do a proper deep dive into the awesomeness that is Ravaged Star with the epic MiniWarGaming Dave. We learn about the lore, rules, miniatures and more for this Sci-Fi epic from the MiniWarGaming team which has become something of a passion project.

Unboxing: Conquest W’adrhŭn Thunder Riders | Para Bellum Games


In this week's unboxing, Gerry takes a closer look at the impressive W’adrhŭn Thunder Riders that are going to be powering over the tabletop and smashing through enemy lines in Para Bellum Games' 35mm Fantasy wargame, Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings.

Necron & Mechanicus Combat Patrols Coming To Warhammer 40K


Games Workshop has been showing off the new Combat Patrols that are coming to Warhammer 40,000 with the Codexes for the Necrons and Adeptus Mechanicus. The Necron Combat Patrol should be familiar to folks but the new one for the Adeptus Mechanicus takes things in a different direction for your Grimdark Sci-Fi wargames.

Dive Into MiniWarGaming’s New Wargame, Ravaged Star


MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games are back on Gamefound this week with their new campaign looking to not only bring two more factions to the tabletop for Ravaged Star but also fund the production of the game itself. If you're looking for a new Sci-Fi wargaming experience from some incredibly enthusiastic creators then maybe this could be for you.

Skirmish In Westeros With CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tactics


CMON recently announced that they are going to be delving into Westeros with a new game that moves away from the rank-and-flank gameplay of tabletop miniatures game. Fancy diving into something a little more skirmish-related? See what you make of the initial information that they presented for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tactics.

Face Ghosts & Mighty Draugr In The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms


Modiphius has recently released some neat new miniatures for those looking to expand their adventures in The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms. There are some spooky offerings for you to scoop up for this 32mm miniatures game including actual ghosts and some shambling undead champions.

Hobday & Hicks Tease More Orcs For Their Fantasy Wargame Project


HVM Workbench have teased some more images from the upcoming Fantasy wargaming project by Hobday & Hicks. A bunch of Orcs are on the warpath with a fearsome new Champion and some great Orc Wolf Riders rampaging down from the mountains. 

Wild West Cinematic Magic; Dead Man’s Hand Delivers The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! In this week's episode, we dive into the awesome cinematic action of Dead Man's Hand which could well be the best Wild West wargame out there on the market at the moment. A new Kickstarter is now live featuring an updated Starter Set for the game, revamped rules and the chance to get your hands on some great miniatures as well.

Werewolves & Twisted Rashaar Stalk The Streets Of Carnevale


TTCombat have been showing off two more boxed sets that you can get your hands on for use in Carnevale. Leading the way, we have my favourite of the two sets but that might be because it contains freckin' werewolves! See what you make of the Lunar Congregation for the Strigoi.

Build An Awesome Gnome Army With Warp Miniatures’ Patreon


Warp Miniatures have some amazing miniatures available for you to 3D Print over on their Patreon this month. Gone is Orktober as now is the time of Gnomevember where a whole bunch of little, angry bearded fellows get to strike back against their foes.

Community Spotlight: Wild West Gangs, Trench Offensives & Dragon Dioramas

1 month ago 4

We dive into some gunfights in the Wild West, a bit of a Trench Offensive in World War I and a diorama showcasing a deadly Dragon attack!

Snow Elves & A New Oldhammer Demon From Satyr Art Studio


Satyr Art Studio have some neat new Fantasy additions to their webstore! If you're looking for some more Oldhammer-style miniatures then how about the first fun of their new Snow Elves which could be used to make an excellent warband or start a regiment! 

Pick Vampires Or Skeletons With New ArcWorlde Kickstarter!


Not content with just running one Kickstarter to celebrate the growth of ArcWorlde as a 32mm Fantasy Wargame, Warp Miniatures have another campaign running right now focused on a spooky Starter Set, the Duel Of The Dead!

Battle Bugs & Travel The Stars With Anvil Digital Forge


You've still got a chance to get your hands on some awesome miniatures from Anvil Industry as part of their Patreon Digital Forge for October! As we move towards the start of a new month, you can still snag some awesome Sci-Fi miniatures in the form of the Interplanetary Expeditionary Force.

It’s Alive! Stunning Rotten Harvest Set From Wyrd For Malifaux!


Wyrd Games has been celebrating the spooky season with a rather wonderful new Rotten Harvest Set that you can pick up for a limited time. If you've not already scooped it up, you'll want to get your hands on It's Alive!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Has Kickstarter Forgotten Its Roots?


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we chat about our plans as TerrainFest 2023 comes to a close. Gerry talks Babylon 5, Shay talks 40K, and Warren talks Starship Troopers as the guys go full-on Sci-Fi this week and they love it. We take a look at some terrific community work before Gerry needs to get something off his chest about crowdfunding and how it is now perceived.

Old-School 90’s Gaming Magic! Relive It Today With Urban War #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! In this week's Weekender we have a chat about a 90s old-school gaming classic that could end up helping is relive the 90s and that epic wargaming magic. Could Urban War help us relive it today in the here and now? We also take a look at an immense range of miniatures from SolGood Creations over on Kickstarter that should be a collector's dream!

Moonstone’s Shades Of Moonreach Closing In On Final Hours!


The (multi-award winning) Moonstone is closing in on the final hours of the new Kickstarter for Shades Of Moonreach which aims to bring a new faction into this whimsical Fantasy world. Plenty of new 32mm scale miniatures are on the way and there have been some great unlocks via their Stretch Goals over the course of the campaign.

Support The City States With New Founder’s Exclusive Diorama


Para Bellum Games have added a new Founder's Exclusive diorama to their webstore for those wanting to show their support for The City States. See what you make of the 35mm scale The Last Stand where the forces of The City States battle against The Old Dominion.

Keep An Eye Out For DragonStrike By Fighting Hedgehog!


Fighting Hedgehog are still preparing for the launch of their DragonStrike Kickstarter next year and their new website is up and running, giving you a taste of what's coming as part of this dragon combat tabletop game.

New Battleforces Revealed For Warhammer 40K & Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop have now revealed their new Battlesforces that will be available over the festive period for both Warhammer Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. These bundles tend to give you a decent saving on the miniatures included and could well be a good way to start a new army or build on an existing one.

Help A Good Cause & Get Epic Miniatures With SolGood Creations’ Battle Cries

1 month ago 0

SolGood Creations has been working over the last few years on bringing together some amazing creators to produce fantastic 3D Printable miniatures. In addition to the excellent miniatures for your Fantasy and Sci-Fi wargames, they have also been using the money to help good causes, especially in Ukraine via Kickstarter.

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