Black Site Studio Blow Up French Towns With New Terrain

July 3, 2019 by crew

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Black Site Studio has added two new terrain options to their webstore, fully painted and ready to be assembled for a good ol' scrap on the tabletop. The first of these is their Ruined French Townhouse which has seen a bomb or two go off nearby.

Ruined French Townhouse - Black Site Studio

This building comes with plenty of details worked into the design. Much like with the terrain seen by 4Ground, Black Site look to go above and beyond. Whilst it is very detailed it has also been designed as a good gaming piece too. In this case, the floor space has been cleared away so it's easy for you to add your miniatures into the structure.

This would be a very good choice for anyone who is diving into wargaming set during World War II as the Allies made their way through Europe.

A Room With A View

As well as the ruin above you can also get yourself the yet-to-be-bombed French Townhouse Corner set which can be bolted onto a street scene, perhaps in a more urban area.

French Townhouse Corner - Black Site Studio

Much like with the ruin, it is detailed inside and out. It also comes with removable floors and roof sections so that you can get inside it and skirmish about! It looks very good and once you've framed it with some more buildings it would a great place for an entrenched position.

You could imagine this building bristling with guns, looking out over a town square. You would have to be a brave man to try and assault this. Or, you could just call in a tank to do the work for you?

What do you make of Black Site's new terrain options?

"...the floor space has been cleared away so it's easy for you to add your miniatures into the structure"

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