Empress Prepare More Troops For The Jungles Of Vietnam

December 9, 2019 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures has been working on a range of new models which will be dropping into the mix alongside their existing Vietnam War range very soon. Previews have been popping up across the last few weeks and the models are looking very nice indeed.

Vietnam Preview #1 - Empress Miniatures

The collection of models they have in the works are all looking very characterful and I think that is one of the key elements you need to try and get across when it comes to this war on the tabletop. Vietnam was very much a war where things were a lot closer, more intimate and the battles that raged in many cases devolved into small and often cut off units fighting for their lives against an unforgiving environment.

Vietnam Preview #2 - Empress Miniatures

To that end, it's good to see the sculpting here representing that with a lot of the soldiers not only having some grim looks on their faces but also carrying pretty much everything they need on their backs to try and survive the hostile warzone they find themselves in. Many of the troops are also carrying personalised equipment like sawn-off shotguns and the like.

Vietnam Preview #3 - Empress Miniatures

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is going to be available from Empress Miniatures with lots more available to preview over on their Facebook Page. I think to truly try and do Vietnam justice on the tabletop, you really need to get into the nitty-gritty of it all and make sure that you know each of the soldiers you're throwing into the fighting.

Big Guns

As well as the troops you can see here, they have also been working on some larger pieces as well.

Vietnam Preview #4 - Empress Miniatures

Some of these larger options have been thrown into the mix to show the fighting going on trying to watch the skies and also hold positions of importance across the warzone. I like the idea that these would be in the mix as potential objectives for your opposing forces to try and bring down or defend.

Vietnam Preview #5 - Empress Miniatures

Have you ever been tempted by the brutality and dangerous nature of the Vietnam War on the tabletop. It's certainly a conflict which doesn't exactly cast any of its combatants in a good light and would be a really fascinating conflict to not only play but hobby too. You could do some amazing things with the terrain for Vietnam.

What do you make of these teasers?

"You could do some amazing things with the terrain for Vietnam..."

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