Eureka Miniatures Modern Wars Releases

June 21, 2011 by atomsmasher

Eureka Miniatures has released new 28mm 1980s Soviet and Afghan Heavy Weapons figures for their Modern Wars range. You can get a 12.7mm Dshk machine gun and a M1937 82mm mortar, with choice of Afghan guerrilla or NBC-suited Soviet crew.

From the website:

With a reputation for rugged reliability and easy maintenance in the field, these Soviet State Arsenals designs have flooded Afghanistan since the beginning of the Soviet-Afghan War, right up until the present day. They can also feature in any Third World Cold War flash point or Super Power confrontation you care to imagine.

These figures have some very nice detail and come from a range of modern miniatures from Eureka with some real depth. It'd be really easy to use them in post-apocalyptic and near sci-fi scenarios, too.

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