Eureka Miniatures Release New WWI Serbians & Bulgarians

October 13, 2021 by brennon

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Eureka Miniatures has recently released a few new World War I miniatures for you to have a play around with. This new range in 28mm from Dmitry Malyshew allows you to play out some of the lesser-known conflicts that took place during The Great War.

WWI Serbians #1 - Eureka Miniatures

WWI Serbians & Bulgarians // Eureka Miniatures

This collection covers those that were allies during the First Balkan War but then became opponents during the Second Balkan War and World War I. This means that the range covers three different conflicts that spanned from 1912 through to 1915. After that, the Serbians were reequipped by the Allies.

WWI Serbians #2 - Eureka Miniatures

Timed to match the events of 28th July 2914, this means that the range can be used to fight bravely against the invasion by Austria-Hungary. Whilst they might have defeated the initial invasion, the Serbians would lose during subsequent conflicts. It would be a fascinating element of World War I to revisit with your wargaming group.

WWI Bulgarians #1 - Eureka Miniatures

On the Bulgarian side of things, they would find themselves embroiled in conflicts all the way through to September 1918. They would finish the war with more casualties per capita than any other nation involved in World War I, a harrowing statistic.

WWI Bulgarians #2 - Eureka Miniatures

This marks the initial steps into this theatre of war from Dmitry Malyshew who is also looking at working on some World War I Russians for Eureka Miniatures too. Everyone is really getting into The Great War right now it seems!

Eureka Miniatures has also expressed an interest in adding more nationalities into the mix to cover the forces that fought during the Balkans and on the Eastern Front. I am certainly interested to see more people shine a light on World War I as I feel like it has been somewhat underrepresented compared to the events of World War II.

Do you like the look of these new miniatures from Eureka?

"Everyone is really getting into The Great War right now it seems!"

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