The Final WIP of Hasslefree’s Giant Stands Tall

June 27, 2013 by dracs

We have seen the sculpt for Hasslefree Miniatures' new Spec Ops team member taking shape, now we see the final WIP. Behold Giant in all his glory.

Hasslefree - Giant Final WIP

Well the sculpt certainly lives up the fellow's nick name. Giant cuts a very imposing figure and his stance only serves to emphasize this. It has been interesting to see this miniature take shape and the final design is very impressive, another excellent sculpt from Hasslefree.

We go from large to little as Hasslefree have also shown off the final WIP for their Grymn Special Forces soldier.

Grymn Special Forces

This is the latest addition to Hasslefree's range of Grymn (sci-fi dwarfs.) The cool thing about this guy is that, unlike other depictions of dwarfs, his proportions haven't been cartoonishly over exaggerated. They are instead believable, while still maintaining a noticeable difference from standard human proportions. This, combined with the clearly defined facial expression, makes for a very characterful miniature.

Will you send out little and large here on spec-ops missions?

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