FireForge Games Talk More About Battlefleet WWII Project

April 30, 2019 by brennon

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FireForge Games has been talking more about their upcoming Battlefleet WWII project which will see them developing both a game and range around battles on the high seas during the 20th Century.

Battlefleet WWII - FireForge Games

The ruleset is currently in the beta testing stage and allows for great big games on proper 6x4 tabletops which is very cool indeed.

Rules will cover a range of different historical fleets with scenarios focusing in on engagements in various theatres of war. So, you'll have Pacific, Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic. This means ships for the British, United States, Japan, Italy, France, Germany and the Soviets.

Points will be used as you build your fleet, choosing the particular ships you want based on the theatre of war. You can then upgrade them as you like, building characterful and personalised fleets. Each fleet will also be designed to fit with the strengths and weaknesses of a given nation providing you with a sense of asymmetry.

You can also bring planes into the mix too which is awesome to see.

All of the ship models will be available in 1:1800 scale with the planes slightly out of proportion to make them playable in game. Everything will then be crafted in resin to get the most detail possible.

They are looking at a potential Kickstarter for the project in the near future but their aim is to have the game ready in 2020. This all sounds very cool for naval fans and we hope to see more from FireForge on this in the coming months!

Will you be keeping an eye on this?

"All of the ship models will be available in 1:1800 scale..."

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