Five New Ships Surge Into Warlord Games’ Victory At Sea

August 13, 2021 by brennon

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Warlord Games is keeping up the releases for Victory At Sea, their World War II naval wargame. Pre-orders will soon go live for five new ships that cover the Royal Navy, Kriegsmarine, IJN, US Navy & Regia Marina. All bases covered!

Emanuele Filiberto Duc DAoasta - Victory At Sea

Emanuele Filiberto Duc D'Aoasta // Victory At Sea

Each of the ships that they have added into the mix had a real-world part in the direction of World War II. The Emanuele Filiberto Duc D'Aoasta for example took part in the battle of Punta Stilo and helped to disrupt Allied supply lines with very aggressive tactics.

HMS Prince Of Wales - Victory At Sea

HMS Prince Of Wales // Victory At Sea

The HMS Prince Of Wales similarly found itself at the heart of battles on the high seas. It was involved in the hunt for the Bismarck although was unfortunately hit by fire from a Kriegsmarine Battleship. She did survive however and later transported Winston Churchill to a historic meeting with Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Kirishima - Victory At Sea

Kirishima // Victory At Sea

The Kirishima was one of the ships that escorted carriers to the attack on Pearl Harbour and would later be involved in battles throughout the Pacific. She was eventually defeated by the USS Washington thanks to radar-aided firepower.

Schleswig-Holstein - Victory At Sea

Schleswig-Holstein // Victory At Sea

This particular ship was part of the opening salvo that begun World War II. Her shots landed on Gdansk and signalled the German attack on the city. She was sunk by British bombers at Gotenhafen after years as a training ship and her armour was used to commemorate the defence of Gdansk. She was even dredged from the sea and used as target practice by the Soviets later in her life. An unfortunate end!

USS Enterprise - Victory At Sea

USS Enterprise // Victory At Sea

Boldly going forth into the war, we also have the USS Enterprise. She fought all over the place and survived many battles including the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

She was a dangerous carrier and accounted for an impressive tally of kills alongside her aircraft. She was eventually rendered useless by a kamikaze attack that ruined her hanger deck. Some impressive new miniatures for those continuing their tabletop adventures in Victory At Sea.

Which of them are you going to be picking up?

"Some impressive new miniatures for those continuing their tabletop adventures in Victory At Sea..."

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